Friday, December 2, 2011

From one corner to the other!

Distance between Anchorage and Orlando ? ? ? ?
3808 MILES

And in two days, we begin our travel to get there . . . first stopping in Seattle for a "layover" that necessitates a night in a hotel - and we'll arrive in sunny Orlando Monday evening. The kids can't wait to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (among other parks also) . . . I can't wait to see my family . . . Dan can't wait to golf . . . it's going to be fabulous!!!

I'm in the middle of an icky cold that has already taken my voice for three days last week and threatens to take it again today. My skin is so darn dry and itchy, my fingers are cracking. We didn't ease into winter this year - it was dumped on us and it's been cold!!! So this little va-cay is SO very needed.

I usually don't complain (too) bad about Alaska - for the most part, I'm an indoor girl anyway . . . so who cares as long as my light bulbs don't burn out and my on demand is pushing heat? BUT this year - it's time . . . we've had two not so exciting summers in a row and in the middle of the second drastic winter. It's time I get warm all the way to the core.

Our home is going to be taken care of by some very dear friends, my shop is in Vacation mode, Primary is in tender hands, all that's left to do is tie some short loose ends and we're off!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh Jack Jack!

Jack began his 1st grade year yesterday. K & 1st start a week later . . . so the kiddos can meet the teacher and the teacher can assess the kiddos . . . I'm not quite sure I agree with doing it in 1st . . . but that's beside the point - he started yesterday . . . and is VERY excited! Getting to ride his bike (all TWO wheels of it) was a highlight - he is in a combined 1st & 2nd class with a new teacher who seems like she'll be AWESOME! I think it was hard for Jack to see his older brother & sister go a week earlier, but he's in the swing of things already . . . and was VERY exhausted last night.

We also celebrated his birthday recently. Problem is . . . the plan was to go to Chuck-E-Cheese's the night before his birthday . . . well that happened to be the night after my eye surgery . . . and I wasn't up for it . . . so the night of his birthday Dan took all the kids and went since I STILL wasn't up to it . . . and I'm so sad I missed it. Another thing that got overlooked was a cake. Hm . . . how did THAT happen? I love cake! Anyways - Jack mentioned it a couple days ago - so we got a cake and actually had it for breakfast last Saturday. I can't believe he's SIX!!

This kiddo is VERY lovey - VERY emotional - VERY extreme . . . so if he's not kissing on you, he's in turmoil or something similar . . . I just don't even know what this was about the other day - but it cracked me up so much that he started laughing too!!! That's what I mean - traumatized one moment and giggling the next. He's SO very sweet! I love the stuffin's out of him!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Emery's Projects

My sweet Emery has a knack for crafts & projects - like her momma. So a few weeks ago while at Joann Fabrics, she started picking out fabrics to make her brothers blankets - without any knowledge of how . . . another thing she gets from her momma.

(With only help putting them on a frame) she tied them - then (with a little help pinning the trim) she sewed the trim.

Her brothers LOVE them!!!
And I'm pretty proud of her!!!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another First Day

Here are my 5th and 6th graders . . . holy cow! Are they really THAT old? Yep . . . and THAT tall . . . and THAT grown up. It's amazing now to me - mostly because though I have a horrible memory, I remember a bit about 5th and 6th grade.

Our boundaries had changed and in 5th grade, I found myself at a new elementary - not fun. The night before school started, a friend, Jana I think, called to ask me what teacher I had and unfortunately I had to tell her I'd been a victim of the boundary change. Bummer. But I got to MUIR Elementary and things were a bit different - We had a large "pod" type set up with 3 teachers and all the 5th graders in the same general area. I ran for class office and my slogan was, "Vote for Tonya or BEAT IT!" accompanied by a snazzy Teen-Beat picture of a Red-leather Jacket donning Michael Jackson. I did not get elected.

The big thing about 6th grade was the Renaissance Fair we did . . . we drew for "characters" and instead of being a maiden or a queen or anything beautiful like that . . . I drew NUN!!! Hated it. But tried to be a good sport. I got to interview people and find out a little more about Nuns - and yep . . . I got the full Nun clothing. I did however get to shed that Nun character when I played Lady Macbeth in our shortened version of "Macbeth" - I even got to swear because it was in the script. It was a very great experience for me to be in that play. It gave me a lot of confidence and I was told at the ripe age of a 6th grader that I was really good!!!

So now as my oldest kiddos are asking me every 2 minutes if they can go yet . . . I reflect on how fast life moves. How quickly kids grow. How much I just want my 5th and 6th grader to have a good experience and gain the knowledge and confidence they need for life.

Next week . . . my first grader begins!!! Argh! This is all going to kill me!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I've been keeping myself extremely busy!! It doesn't help that my little sister has introduced me to some amazing DIY / thrifting / creative crafting / home decor blogs! So . . . I've been DIMyself-ing, thrifting, creative crafting and home decor-ing.

This is a taste of the first phase of my informal dining room.

F * U * N !!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun Sunday Project!!!

The Sunday before Independence Day that is!!

I really like going all patriotic - and making my family join me - I just can't seem to justify paying for a half dozen shirts that may or may not be worn but one day a year! So I decided to just make my own. AND I LOVE THEM!!!

SO easy! I just cut pieces from scrap fabric and zig zag stitched them on! Easy Peasy! My only cost was the 4 for $10 shirts on sale at Michael's - Sweet, right?


Monday, April 25, 2011

Jewelry Drawer

So just a month or so ago, I was so excited for my new jewelry display - mostly.

It's fabulous, but wasn't quite big enough - and didn't really hold a variety of jewelry . . .

And since moving my store to Etsy - I'm checking it out regularly.

I found an old letterpress drawer. It's in great condition - and perfect as a jewelry rack -

Then I found some unique hardware including curio knobs, eye screws and decorative hanging pieces.




I love it. If I didn't need to go to bed I might just sit and stare at it for hours!!

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